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Inna L. Goldina, founder of LiLoLi, offers Therapeutic Life Counseling to a wide range of international clientele for a diverse set of issues / goals. Individual, couple and group settings are available.



Inna Goldina is the private owner and founder of the psychotherapy practice, LiLoLi (Livable Lovable Life). She has a certified B.A. degree in Psychology and M.A. degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. Goldina is highly experienced in helping her clients tackle a variety of personal issues by utilizing her personalized and effective “Therapeutic Life Counseling” (TLC) method.

  • Clients may be seen at the office on the Upper West Side of New York City or they may choose to receive services via Skype, phone or in their own home or office.
  • Personalized, sensitive, and highly effective approach that focuses on discovering and utilizing individual’s strengths.
  • Psychology Today
  • Healthgrades
  • National Registry for Healthcare Professionals
  • Presenter at Limmud FSU conference.
  • Happy clients.


Contact us at:
(212) 479- 7352